Make it your own – with style.


There’s a reason screen printing has been the industry’s preferred method of imprinting for decades. Once a stencil is created, images and logos can be reproduced at a high rate of speed, ideal for larger volume orders. Screen printing is well-suited for complex and intricate designs. What’s more, the body and depth of the ink can help your design really pop off the material - without adding unsightly bulk to the canvas. Our art department can help you turn your artwork into a masterpiece that will last.


If you really want to set your design apart from the crowd, nothing is quite as elegant as embroidery. We have hundreds of thread colors to choose from, ensuring a perfect color match to your design. Our design department is capable of turning any raster art, bitmap image, or vector artwork into stitching. All design and production is done in-house, enabling us to effectively communicate with our customers about their artwork needs - without delays.


Photofilm is our printable heat transfer process. Good for small-volume orders with intricate artwork, this process allows us to replicate all the colors in your artwork without incurring the extra cost, setup, and preparation of screen printing. Most artwork can be die-cut after printing to eliminate any background. Photofilm is a very durable medium that will help you show off your design for years to come.


Thermofilm is our cut-only heat transfer process. With a large number of colors to choose from, this is a great option for simple designs with solid colors. Because of the extra setup required for each chair, this process is best for small production runs. Affordable, durable, and with vibrant colors that last, Thermofilm can take your artwork to the next level.


We currently offer 39 colors of canvas across our lineup. Contact us about availability and stock status.